Cia Rampante

Compañía Rampante is born from the encounter between Florencia Caro and Luciano Ranieri.
The eclectic background, professionalism and experience of this duo, which includes theater, circus, dance and clown gave rise to the common desire to create a show with its own but universal code, so that, can be performed anywhere in the world.

Although both had been part of different companies, shows and numerous tours, it is their first creation as composers, directors and interpreters.

The main objective of the company is to find its own physical language, using specific circus techniques, fused with clown and dance.
The search of dynamic and visual body language, is the main feature of this company. With success, since 2015, the company takes its show "Con Tenda" around the world participating in countless performing arts festivals, exciting and entertaining the most diverse audiences.

This show was performed in more than 12 countries and carries an average of 400 functions!

The company plans its new creation for 2020.

Florencia Caro

"I can´t tell if there was a specific event that led me to make the decision to be an artist, though since I was a little girl I had a great inclination for literature, music and theater.

When I was able to decide, I enrolled in the National Theater Institute where I studied acting and continued to train with different teachers in dramaturgy, clown, buffoon, contemporary dance, tango, singing, hand to hand and handstand.

Then followed another Bachelor´s degree in Communication Science that led me to 7 consecutive years of work as a journalist that I combined with my work as an actress. I recorded more than 10 programs on open tv, I wrote in several media, I had some experiences in movies and I acted in countless shows in theater. I was part of a stable Company that lasted 10 years. With them I had the possibility of creating my own numbers and that the public was the judge of those creations. Together we investigate the different possibilities of making humor mixing the resources of varieté and improvisation .

Many experiences and training that had the need to emerge into something of my own.
When creating Rampante Company in 2014, everything came together perfectly”

Luciano Ranieri

“I realized that I wanted to become a circus artist, when I was very young.
I was eleven years old when I attended a Circus performance at a square of Buenos Aires.
I was immediately attracted to that form of creation and its possibilities.

My high school was the Polyvalent of Arts of Buenos Aires, my specialization was in sculpture.
Although the Plastic Arts interested me, that early experience with the circus, finally marked my vocation.

I did my professional training at the Circus School “La Arena”, under the direction of Gerardo Hochman, and I quickly entered the scene. I was part of the Arena´s Company and I made innumerable shows in very important and recognized spaces of the Theatrical Scene. I researched the techniques of Chinese pole, hand to hand and Cyr wheel.

I was also part of Impulso company, being co-creator of the shows. Later, i joined Circo Alboroto going from the traditional stage space to the street, and acquiring the tools that this space grants. We perform during 5 years , many shows and several tours .

This long journey, gave me the need to create my own material. Rampante Company was born”

Influenced by contemporary circus, dance, theater and humor, "Con Tenda" proposes a physical language of its own, achieving a show that is characterized by its impact dynamic, technical and visual. A unique emotional experience that the public will not forget

More than 300 functions around Europe, Asia and Latin America!


A sudden change of decision without warning installs the chaos in the scene. Hierarchies and status are in danger. Both will try desperately to survive.

One couple of acrobats/actors ready to full fill the space with tension and dizziness. One cyr Wheel that rotate through the infinite space. A duet of magic hats. A new form of bodies interaction.
Two special and unforgettable characters that in the instinctive search to affirm their self, they realize that there is another, so different, but at the same time, so similar.

Compañìa Rampante finds a new and proper physical language, getting rid of the words to create a magic atmosphere of comedy and public interaction.

A play full of emotion, humor and skills, almost like real life.

Show: “With Tent“

Duration: 45 minutes / 20 minutes short version

Space: Street , Circus Tent and Theatre

Techniques: Hand to hand, Cyr wheel ,hat juggling , dance, handstand and humour.

Públic: Suitable for all ages (180°-360°)

Language: Mute

Artists: Florencia Caro, Luciano Facundo Ranieri

Stage Costume: Almendra Vestuarios, Tienda Limón

Original Idea: Cia Rampante

The show can be played in its full format of 45 minutes , outside or inside. Short version of 20 minutes. The hand to hand number can be played separately as a 6 minutes act ( suitable for gala or cabaret)

Space for the show: 8mts x 8mtsm smooth and regular floor.Hight required, 6 metres. For safety , dry floor.

Set up / down: 25 minutos each.

Audio: Prefer festival´s round ( in case the festival doesn´t provide , we count on one)

Light: In case we perform at night we need mínimum 6 or 8 par 500.

Others: Secured Dressing room with mirror to warm up / Parking near the place where we perform.

Accommodation: Double room.


Cia Rampante Portugal 2019

Cia Rampante Europa 2018

Cia Rampante Colombia Tour

Cia Rampante around the world


Around the World

  • Hutfestival -Chemnitz, Alemania (24.5 /26.5)
  • Serralves em Festa , Portugal ( 30.5 / 2.6)
  • Sion Festival, Suiza ( 7.6 / 8.6)
  • Les Affranchis , Lá fléche , Francia ( 6.7/ 7.7)
  • La Mar de Circ Festival, Benicarlo, España (19.7)
  • La Mar de Circ Festival , Almassora ( 20.7)
  • La Mar de Circ Festival, Moncofá ( 21.7)
  • Dukstein Festival, Hamburgo ( 25.7/26.7)
  • Berlin Festival , Alemania ( 27.7/31.7)
  • Circuskoln , Colonia , Alemania ( 21.8)
  • Dukstein Festival, Lubeck, Alemania (5.8/6.8)
  • Fru Festiwal, Polonia ( 30.8/31.8)
  • Kinderfestival, Bolzano, Italia (1.9/ 3.9)

  • Festival Internacional de Arte de Teatro de Valladolid (TAC),España (24.5/25.5)
  • Internacional Festival in Ovezande,Holanda (27.5)
  • Kunsten Op Straat in Dalfsen , Holanda ( 1.6)
  • Pinneberger Kleinkunstfestival ,Alemania (2.6/3.6)
  • La Rue des Artistes,Francia (15.6/17.6)
  • Uldum Street Music Festival,Dinamarca (5.7/7.7)
  • Gauklerfest in Koblenz ,Alemania (28.7/31.7)
  • Kulturufer Friedrichshafen, Alemania (1.8 al 6.8)
  • Baixa Street Fest, Portugal (10.8)
  • Kultur auf der Straße Festival,Alemania (18.8)
  • Culture Summer Festival,Alemania (21.8/23.8)-(28.8/30.8)
  • Music and Arts Festival, Alemania (31.8-2.9)

  • Cirkul`Art Festival new contemporary Circus, Slovaquie (2.6/7.6)
  • Cirkulum Festival, Czech Republic (9.6/11.6)
  • Festival Internacional de Teatro de Medellín, Colombia (18.8/26.8)
  • Festival Internacional Calle arriba calle abajo, Colombia (30.8/4.9)
  • Festival Internacional de Teatro de Caldas, Colombia (2.9/4.9)
  • Festicaribe, Santa Marta, Colombia (9.9/16.9)

  • Maasmechelen Festival del Mundo, Bèlgium (24.6/27.6)
  • Zookunstler, Germany (1.7/4.7)
  • Attendorn Festival, Germany (9.7/11.7)
  • Fira de Circ La Bisbal d`empordà, Cataluña (15.7/18.7)
  • Kunstler Festival, Burg auf Fehrman, Germany (21.7/24.7)
  • Duckstein Festival, Germany (25.7)
  • Cuxhaven Festival, Germany (29.7/31.7)
  • Strassekunstler Festival, Scharbeutz, Germany (4.8/7.8)
  • Kunstlerpromenade Festival, Germany (19.8/22.8)
  • Grossenbrode Festival, Germany (26.8/28.8)
  • Lubeck Festival, Germany (1.9/4.9)

  • Kleinkunst-Festival, Seebad Heringsdorf, Germany (22.5/ 26.5)
  • Chuncheon Mime Theatre Festival, South Korea (28.5/ 1.6)
  • Gromitz Festival, Germany (9.7 /12.7)
  • Teatro il Mondo, Italy (17.7 /19.7)
  • Bascherdays Festival, Italy (24.7 / 27.7)
  • Glaukerfestival, Austria (30.7 /1.8)
  • Kulturufer Friedrichshafen, Germany (2.8 / 6.8)
  • Paesse dei Balocchi, Italy (7.8/ 10.8)
  • Santa Sofía Buskers Festival, Italy (12.8/ 17.8)
  • Buskers Bus, Poland (22.8/ 3.9)